About Curatorial Forum

By December 6, 2019Kuratorisk Forum

Curatorial Forum

Curatorial Forum is an interest group represented by UKK— Organisation for artists, curators and art mediators. With a special focus on advancing curatorial discourse and improving conditions of curatorial employment, the group works alongside UKK to ensure better working conditions for artists and art professionals. Additionally, the group encourages a nuanced discussion on art in a Danish context, advocating for the diversity within the field.

Recent decades has seen a significant expansion of the curatorial field, the ambition of Curatorial Forum is to strengthen professional insights into this development. Curatorial work is as multifaceted and diverse as artistic practices, and it forms part of discourses and networks that continuously develop, shape and expand the field. We want to promote a professionally grounded debate on the current role of curators’ within knowledge production, exhibition-making and facilitation of artistic productions and commissions, thereby making visible the diversity and overall contribution of curatorial practice within the art field, both nationally and internationally. We will do this through discursive events, including symposiums, network meetings and more informal social gatherings.

We believe that a wide range of issues regarding the position of curators should be acknowledged and discussed – especially the economic and structural working conditions of freelance curators. To this end we have begun a collaboration with law student and legal trainee, Lærke Abrahamsen Lokdam, with the goal of drawing up contractual formats to cover areas such as copyright, mandate and pay.

We believe that improving curators’ working conditions, will benefit working conditions on the art scene overall.

We consider the field of art as a unified field, where artists and curators, through collaboration, ensure the best working conditions and most vital conversations.

We consider curators and artists as inherent collaborators who, through close interaction and dialogue, strengthen each other’s practice, in order to create the best framework for art to meet its publics.


  • Establish a collegiate community and network of independent and employed curators.
  • Uncover curators’ economic and structural working conditions in order to improve the overall working conditions within the arts.
  • Initiate professional forums for debate on contemporary curatorial practices.
  • Establish a curatorial community and network across the Nordic region.
  • Document and disseminate knowledge on the history of curatorial practices in Denmark, as well as the national and international diversity of the curatorial field.
  • Promote a wider understanding of, and insight into, the role and working conditions of curators.

Curatorial Forum has been initiated by: Malene Dam, Line Ellegaard, Nanna Stjernholm, Mette Woller and Nina Wöhlk.

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