Are you interested in becoming a UKK board member?

Are you interested in helping advance systemic change; to work for the social, political, and economic rights for artists, curators, and art mediators? Are you interested in developing new skills, volunteering with colleagues, and developing yourself professionally in a meaningful independent organization? If so, we highly encourage you to apply to join our board and help the UKK with these aims and activities. We are looking for artists, curators, and art mediators to join.

As a largely self-organized collective volunteer unit, the UKK board works as a team to develop UKK’s political agenda. As a new board member, you will have a key role in a number of tasks related to defining this agenda as well as creating new programming, committees, and events with the particular focus towards establishing regulations for artists, curators and art mediators within the contemporary arts sector. The Annual Meeting on June 17th presents the opportunity for members or future members to become a part of this. 

What will qualify the new members of UKKs board is a strong motivation and interest in contributing and taking on shifting responsibilities in order to further develop the organisation.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please send a short statement (no more than ½ – 1A4) to: by June 15th. This should include: 

  • A motivation for joining the board stating how you believe you can contribute to the UKK organization
  • Highlight your views on the problems facing the Danish Art sector
  •  If possible, please share your ideas on how UKK could address these issues
  • A brief description of your artistic and/or curatorial experiences 

For further information, you can FB message the UKK team or email if you have any questions. The UKK board will be reviewing new board member applications on the 16th. 

In case you do not see this message before the Annual Meeting or would like more information before sending a statement, you are welcome to show up and listen in. If you become further interested in joining the board, let us know and we will ask you then to give a presentation of yourself and your motivation. 
In case you are not able to be at the Annual meeting in person, please do send us a written statement as above with a note that you would like to run ‘in absentia’. We cannot guarantee everyone a place on the board. 

If you are a student and want to become a member of our student group, please send an email to:  – or follow the guidelines as above. You can read about their work here

We’re looking forward to hearing back from you!

The UKK Board

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