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UKK wishes to contribute to creating better conditions for artistic practice and for the critical contextualisation of contemporary art, as well as to stimulating greater dynamism and breadth in the discussion of contemporary art. The association therefore represents two occupational groups: artists and art professionals.

Provide your name, postal address, email, phone number and an additional document:

    • If you are a student, please attach a copy of your student card.
    • If you’ve graduated with a Masters from an Art School or a relevant university degree in visual cultures, please provide a copy of your graduation diploma.
    • If you are autodidact, please submit your CV with recent exhibition and work history. Autodidacts are accepted if they can show proof of actively working as either artists, curators and/or critics.

Memberships are processed on an ongoing basis and once monthly as a minimum. The annual membership fee is 300 kr.

The receipt for payment is your proof of membership until you have received your card and sticker by mail.


From January members are required to sign up for ‘Betalings Service’ (automated annual payment service). It will no longer be possible to pay via bank transfer or mobile pay. To cancel your membership send an email to

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Audience and membership

UKK is a nationwide organisation for professional artists and curators. Membership can be achieved on the basis of a professional education (Academy of art, art history, Moderne Kultur og Kulturformidling, Æstetik og Kultur, Kultur og Formidling) or if one is a student at one of the before mentioned institutes.
Professional, self taught artists are asked to send documentation for relevant work in the art field to obtain membership (see below).

If you have any questions you can contact:


Resignation from UKK can be undertaken in writing by email to: