Mourning Money: New Roles For The Artist — Documentation

By februar 22, 2019Arrangementer

New Roles For The Artist, November 29, 2018

Speakers: Jesse Darling, Angela Dimitrakaki, Nora N. Khan and Patricia Reed
Moderator: Lotte Løvholm
Location: Kunsthal Aarhus

New Roles For The Artist looked at how technologies might develop new ways of thinking and understanding artistic production. The aim of the symposium was to further locate and discuss the future role of technology in art, in relation to the agency of feminisms within an art context, and speculate how these together might be utilised in rethinking the production of art and the role of the artist.

What potentials and pitfalls do new technologies hold for future-oriented thinking around resistance and solidarity within art and feminisms under global capitalism? What happens to the role of embodiment and identity in the era of accelerating technology? Within the consistent pressure to produce, how might we rethink the question of cultural/social/sexual production and reproduction?

With these overall questions the symposium sought to probe historical, as well as future-oriented, alignments of technological perspectives alongside feminist agency in order to question how these might shed light on horizons of possibility.

Introduction by Michala Paludan and Gro Sarauw


Patricia Reed – Perspectival Templating: On Instrumentality, Memetics and Synthesis


Angela Dimitrakaki – Social Reproduction Imaginaries and Technologies of Sharing: Reflecting on Melanie Gilligan’s The Common Sense


Jesse Darling – The Work of Art in The Age of Historical Repetition: A Preliminary Grimoire from the Swollen Centre and the Continuous Periphery


Nora Khan – City on A Hill




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