Mycelial Networks – organising through crisis

Below you have the opportunity to see three talks and the final panel discussion from Mycelial Networks – organising through crises. The public programme took place 25-26 September 2020 at SVFK – The Danish Art Workshops.

During Mycelial Networks artists, collectives and organisations reflected on the skills, relationships, and tools necessary in order to survive current and future consequences of the pandemic; how to organise and strengthen each other across national borders; how a revelation of arts institutions’ fragility could lead to a more solidaric (post-)pandemic future..

Participants: Art Lab Gnesta (SE) Culture Art Society – CAS (UK/DK), Den Kollektiva Hjärnan (SE) Jakob Jakobsen (DK), Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology (DK), Staying With The Struggle (DK/DRC) Terrassen (DK), The Union (DK) Sebastian Dahlqvist (SE).

The programme was organised and hosted by UKK and the Nordic Network AOOO – Art Organisations Out of Office. It was made in partnership with the Alt_Cph biennial 2020 and kindly supported by Agency of Culture and Palaces, Bikubenfonden, Svensk-danska kulturfonden, Nordisk Kulturkontakt, and Nordisk Kulturfond.

Jakob Jakobsen (DK) / Sophie Carapatian (UK)
Social Crisis Mental Crisis

Sophie Carapatian and Jakob Jakobsen reflect on the role of crisis both socially and personally as a lever for change. For many, precarity and crisis is a part of the normal condition, but what can we learn from these groups in a situation of general social crisis? 

Social Crisis Mental Crisis is a radio show broadcasted weekly in spring 2020, during the peak of the pandemic in Europe. In this radio show Sophie and Jakob are reflecting and developing language in relation to the brutal economic and social consequences of the pandemic based on their experiences within the psychiatric system.

Sophie Carapetian is an artist, book designer and dyslexic typesetter. She is based in London.

Jakob Jakobsen is a visual artist and writer. Self-organisation has driven his practice throughout, and over the years he has built a number of autonomous institutions such as the Copenhagen Free University, the Hospital Prison University Archive and most recent-ly the Hospital for Self Medication. He has shown extensively internationally including the 31st Sao Paulo Biennale and at Documenta 13. He lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin.

Staying With The Struggle (DRC/DK)
In this performance talk Staying With The Struggle discussed their collective work decolonial strategies across privileges. The presentation reflected the context of recent global and organisational changes caused by pandemic and the Black Lives Matters protests of spring 2020. The talk aired sound works made by members of Staying With The Struggle with the Bridge Radio Collective and presented the main components of the new publication.

Staying With The Struggle (represented by Barly Tshibos, Nanna Katrine Hansen and Nanna K. Dahler) is a collective of activists and asylum seekers who have come together out of the need to think about to work against the hierarchies that surround us. Barly Tshibanda is a hip hop dancer and graphic designer, from DRC (Democratic Re-public of Congo). He has studied Design and Cultural Animation at Academy des Beaux des Arts de Kinshasa and Institut National des Art Kinshasa. He has worked with graphic design in many projects organised by social movements. Nanna Dahler is an anthropologist and activist whose work concerns race, migration and the political economy of the carceral state. Nanna Katrine Hansen is a visual artist currently studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In her practice she works often with sound and moving images in collective constellations dealing with questi-ons related to feminism and migration politics.

Culture Art Society – CAS (DK/UK)
Awa Konatés talk was a presentation of Culture Art Society (CAS): an interdisciplinary research platform founded in 2013 that intersects critical studies and art theory to research the cultural economy of African archives (continental + diaspora). The platform’s multidisciplinary approach spans literature, the moving image and visual arts to form a critical curatorial praxis called me-mory work. In an extension of this framework, CAS’s public programming and projects are educational and collaborative networks. These practise methodist archives to affect and (re)inform engagements to contemporary relations and new modes of knowledge production.

Awa Konaté is a London and Copenhagen based Danish-Ivorian writer/researcher, curator, and founder of the research platform Culture Art Society (CAS). Her work explo-res the interfacing of visual culture, archival theory and Black liberatory conceptualisati-ons in the lines of institutional critique. Her research is committed to a philosophy of accessibility that circumvents hierarchies of cultural canons. She has been published in Art & Ideas – Serpentine Galleries, Third Text, Paletten art Journal, Widewalls Magazine, The Funambulist Magazine and more.

Mycelial Networks Panel: Staying With The Struggle, Culture and Art Society, The Union, UKK and AOOO
At the end of Mycelial Network, a panel took place which collected the threads and topics that had been discussed during the two days.

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