Statement of Support

By februar 17, 2002Breve/Artikler

Støttebreve til UKK fra Stephan Dillemuth, Sabeth Buchmann, Andrea Fraser, Michael Hardt, Stewart Home og Lawrence Weiner

Fra Stephan Dillemuth
This is to support and recommend Young Art Workers / Unge Kunstnere og Kunstformidlere (UKK) strongly.
Hearing about their activity gives me at least a little bit of hope for Danmark, a once highly respected country which has fallen deep in the worlds esteem since the new rightist populist party has taken over.
Not alone increased racism and xenophobia let Danmark look as if fearfully hiding away from global tasks, moreover, and in respect to the arts it looks as if Danmark is cutting in its own flesh by cutting support of the arts.
Stephan Dillemuth
(Professor, HfbK Hamburg)Fra Sabeth Buchmann
I’m very happy to hear about the foundation of the Artist WorkersÕ Union in Denmark as a group of cultural producers that is going to organize resistance against the actual ruling right wing party and its policies. As we can observe it in other European countries with right wing governments, every effort to build up a more pluralistic society with more rights for minorities had been destroyed in a very short time. And it seems to be symptomatic that one of the main targets of reactionary thinking is the contemporary art scene. Therefore it is the most important task to support every attempt of fighting the political backlash we witness in Denmark and other European countries.

Fra Andrea Fraser
I am in complete support of the goals of the UKK and applaud Danish artists, curators and critics for joining together to fight for the rights of cultural workers and against  the right-wing political parties and policies on the rise across Europe.
I hope that the UKK will become a model for similar initiatives around the world.
Andrea Fraser

Fra Michael Hardt
I want first to affirm the importance of contemporary art for a democratic society and second to recognize the importance the work of young Danish experimental artists on the international scene. I urge the Danish government therefore to continue and expand its financial and structural support of the arts and of young artists in particular.
Michael Hardt Ð Professor of Literature at Duke University, US

Fra Stewart Home
Naturally, until money is finally abolished, I support its redistribution and high tax rates for the rich. Likewise, these taxes should be used to maintain a comprehensive welfare system and to provide funds for cultural  activities. Also an amount of money at least equal to that spent on sport should be used to ensure that the entire adult population of the world isable to enjoy good orgasms… Likewise, although the nation state must be abolished, while nation states continue to exist, the Danish government should support  their local artists union.
Stewart Home

Fra  Lawrence Weiner
Dear fellow artists,
I, Lawrence Weiner, am in accord with your need to address conclusive questions to those who represent us in political situations.
I support the coming together of aesthetic workers to form an artworkers union.
With hopes for the present, and much less regards for the past,
Lawrence Weiner

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