New agreement on minimum wages


New agreement on minimum fees for artists’ work with exhibitions at museums and art galleries in Denmark

The artists’ organizations, Billedkunstnernes Forbund (BKF), Organisation for Kunstnere, Kuratorer og Kunstformidlere (UKK), Kunstnernes Fagforening (KUFA) and Organisationen af Danske Museer (ODM) have revised the current agreement on recommended minimum fees for artists’ exhibitions in Denmark. As something new, the Association is off
Kunsthaller i Danmark (FKD) also joined the agreement.
The new agreement, which will become effective on 1 August 2023, contains a significant increase in the minimum fees, while the larger fees are largely carried over. In institutions with more than 100,000 annual visitors, it is recommended a negotiation of artist fees without set minimum fees. The minimum fee agreement covers the artists’ work in preparing and establishing an exhibition, such as preparation of works of art, installation, removal, meetings and press work as well as payment for the value which the artwork and the artist add to an exhibition. The artist’s fee does not cover the artist’s expenses for the production of new works of art or payment for lending and displaying the work of art.