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UKK is a professional organization for artists, curators and art mediators.


As a member of UKK:

  • You support UKK’s work to improve the field of visual art.
  • You get access to our members forum.
  • You will receive invitations to participate in our annual and general assembly with voting rights to influence the focus areas of UKK.
  • You have the right to run for a position on the board.
  • You receive invitations to UKK’s activities
  • You get free or reduced access to an extensive number of museums, art halls and cultural institutions in Denmark.

If you have graduated, please upload a copy of your graduation certificate. If you are autodidact, please upload your resume. If you are still studying, please upload a copy of your student ID.


Member 400 DKK pr year
Student 200 DKK pr year
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