Overview of UKK and contact info


Michala Paludan and Scott William Raby, chair@ukk.community


David Hilmer Rex, admin@ukk.community

The board

Anthony Dexter Giannelli, David Hilmer Rex, Felis Dos, Frederik Rørmann Jørgensen, Mark Tholander, Michala Paludan, Noah Holtegaard (studenterrepræsentant), Scott William Raby, Philip Pilekjær and Waqas Elahi Dar. info@ukk.community.

Working groups

Studio and workshop conditions
Mark Tholander, Maj Horn, Mikkel Bundgaard Pedersen, Vibe Overgaard, Michala Paludan

Organisational development
David Hilmer Rex, Philip Pilekjær, Mark Tholander, Gro Sarauw

Art workers with disabilities
Anthony Dexter Giannelli, Victor Vejle, Luna Scales, Frederik Rørmann, Dagmar Büchert disability@ukk.community


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UKK emerged in the spring of 2002 as a reaction to cutbacks by the Ministry of Culture, which particularly affected the young art scene. At the time no one spoke on behalf of this group why a new organisation was necessary. Until 2018 the name of the organisation was “Young Artists, Curators and Art Mediators.” “Young” referred to a membership restraint running for fifteen years after graduation. Today artists, curators and art workers of any age can apply for a membership.