Recommendation for minimum fees


The rates are recommendations for artistic, curatorial, art administration and mediation. The rates for artists are based on the recommendations from Billedkunstnernes Forbund. All rates are ex. vat.

Freelance work

  • Standard fee for freelance work: 700 – 1.000 DKK pr. hour

The rates cover freelance work, that is, short-term work for a variety of employers. This includes artistic, curatorial, art administration and mediation work, including planning of an exhibition, in- and deinstall, meetings, consulting, sitting on a jury, working as a censor, and more.

  • Artist talk / curator talk: 3000-5000 DKK
    The fee includes preparation and excludes transport.

  • Lecture: 4.000-10.000 DKK
    The fee includes preparation and excludes transport.

  • Performance: 6.000-10.000 DKKK
    The fee includes preparation and excludes transport, but does not include responsibility for technical setup, install assistance or live streaming.

Exhibition fees

For exhibitions at museums and other visual arts institutions, we refer to the “recommended minimum fees for exhibiting artists” (in Danish).

Using “recommended minimum fees for exhibiting artists” please note:

  • The recommended fees are the basis for negotiation.

  • The scheme “recommended minimum fees for exhibiting artists” does not cover new work production. This is to be negotiated additionally.

  • Solo exhibitions in smaller art spaces are to be negotiated on an individual basis.

  • A “visningsvederlag” (fees for showing work, paid by Statens Kunstfond to state-supported institutions) does not count as part of the minimum recommended fees.

The Danish Association of Art Centers does not officially support this agreement, but Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Kunsthal Aarhus, Arken, and other institutions support and has promised to use these minimum fee recommendations.

At the event of an exhibition it is important to draft a contract, which clearly states the full fee coverage as well as notes on what the fee does not cover. Furthermore, the agreement should include areas of responsibility and role distribution it covered covered by the instition and the artist respectively. Please review the agreement document for further information.


Before starting a decorating assignment, a written contract should be prepared, where i.a. sketch fee and the total artist fee are determined. The division of roles and responsibilities should be clearly stated in the contract.

To determine the artist, we refer to BKF’s model as a guideline.

Teaching / Workshop

If the workshop takes place in an institution, as fx. university, the set fees for the institution should be followed. You may negotiated an individual wage supplement. If the institution does not have set rates, we recommend following the rates for freelance work. For every hour of teaching, we recommend at least one hour of preparation.

If you are an academic, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the academics’ salaries and rates in relation to lectures.

Article, catalog / zine, PR and communication

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the recommended fees of Journalistforbundet.

General remarks

General salary negotiations in the case of larger projects

In the case of larger projects, the fee is negotiated while taking into account the extend of the project and the economic context. A written contract should be made, clearly stating what the project entails and what it does not entail. The contract should be open to renegotiation in the case of changes to the overall project. We recommend using our standard contracts as listed at the top of this page.

Production of new works

In the case that there is not sufficient funds for a new production, we would recommended that this is clearly agreed on in the dialogue with the curator and in the contract and invitation. If artists are expected to apply for funding for a new production, it should be clear to what extend the institution can support that fundraising.

The fee is not everything

Remember to ask the institution what is included, in terms of documentation, transport, install, technical assistance, insurance, PR and general contact with the media.

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