Organisational Development

How can UKK contribute to the development of the sector of art?

First phase (Jan-Jun 2021)

In the first phase we focused on how UKK can contribute to the development of the sector of art, with an aim of working with a mission-oriented approach, in relation to changing political, digital, climate and financial realities. This has resulted in four missions giving direction to our work over the coming years, a new identity, website and CMS (by Asger Behncke Jacobsen, as well as conversations about what it entails for the organisation of UKK to work mission-oriented.

Second phase (Sep-Dec 2021)

At the time of writing, we are in conversation with actors as well as relevant experts in order to further develop the missions. We hope to mark a shift in how we approach the structural dimension of the sector of art. Moving away from minor corrective work here and there to a collective responsibility and project tasked with comprehensive changes as well as the addition of new elements.


Upon years of experience from board work in UKK, we had an experience of spending too much time treating symptoms and not enough doing work that improve and develop the sector of visual art. With this project we have explored how we might change that and what it will demand of us. In order to heighten the capacity of UKK, we have worked on a model increasingly enabling us to pay our chair person and board members as a necessary change in our organisation. Our new strategy and missions mark a first step in this new direction for UKK.

The project group consists of David Hilmer Rex, Philip Pilekjær, Mark Tholander and Gro Sarauw.

The project is supported by Bikubenfonden.